The Foundation for Scholarly Exchange, running the Fulbright Taiwan Program, aims to bring more top-ranked US scholars to Taiwan to fulfill the mission —“A world with a little more knowledge and a little less conflict.” The foundation was funded back to 60s under bilateral agreement. Nowaday, US researchers has increased their appetite in Chinese culture and language with the rising power of China as well as the burgeoning economic impact from the east Asia. However, Taiwan, which is another essential place for understanding Chinese culture, is often overly neglected. The crucial challenge for Fulbright Taiwan, thus is to demonstrate the open and safe research environment and the abundant support and resources for liberal studies.


  • Developed a marketing plan that is focused on linking the prestigious Fulbright Taiwan Alumni Network with the US Fulbright Scholars.
  • Produced intriguing YouTube stories featuring Fulbright grantee’s experience in Taiwan.
  • Launched Fulbright Taiwan Facebook page.
  • Published annual report and promotional flyers.


  • Assisted the recruitment of the Premier Jiang Yi-hua, a Yale Ph.D. and Fulbright alum, to be the Chair for the Taiwan Fulbright Alumni Association.
  • Produced 12 documentaries and shorts with a limited budget.
  • Increased the online viewership by 11.8% with the social media tools (facebook and YouTube).
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