Quanta Cultural and Education Foundation has created more than twenty Traveling Art Exhibition for K-12 students in Taiwan for the past 10 years. In 2011, along with one Japanese collection of Marc Chagall’s painting arriving in Taiwan, an educational traveling exhibition was planned by Quanta. While the majority of the collection was about love stories and myth, the full picture of Chagall’s daunting life story was incomplete. In addition, Chagall’s long life results in numerous masterpieces but also copyright issues that cause complication on artwork reproduction and digital implementation.


  • Researched and co-wrote with art education and Chagall specialists to create the exhibition structure and content for K-12 students.
  • Cooperated with Chagall’s offspring and 17 international institutions to procure image copyrights to construct a complete story of Chagall’s life.
  • Produced storybooks, high quality reproductions, digital games, audio and video guides for the exhibition.


  • Reproduced 48 popular Chagall’s signature paintings for the exhibition.
  • Four digital and physical games, three storybooks, and print and audio guides were created.
  • The exhibition will be displayed in over 80 schools districts around Taiwan.
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